Marvel’s Spider-Man review – Marvelous

Bland sandbox activities aside, Insomniac Games created one of the best superhero games with Spider-Man, thanks in small part to excellent mechanics and a tight story.


Watch Dogs review – Bullet-Sharp Dog Bite [REUPLOADED]

This is a review I posted elsewhere before I started this WordPress blog. It was recovered from my previous place and was slightly re-written. As such, I apologize for the overall quality of this review and will work to improve it even further.   Developers: Ubisoft Publishers: Ubisoft Genre: Action-adventure, stealth Engine: Disrupt Format: PS3/X360/PS4/X1/PC/WiiU Release: April 20, 2014 Age rating: M … Continue reading Watch Dogs review – Bullet-Sharp Dog Bite [REUPLOADED]

Middle-earth: Shadow of War review – Shadows over Mordor

Shadow of War is a bombastic and titanic sequel that builds upon its predecessor's Nemesis System masterfully, but its abrupt plotlines and tedious endgame keeps Monolith's second venture into Mordor from shining brightly.