My Reviewing Style

For the time being, here are scores I might use on my site:

  • 1, “Disastrous” – a poorly made video game, horribly broken or unbalanced, may feature offensive writing and brain-dead level design. Any redeeming qualities it may have had are lost in an ocean of horrid decisions and bugs. This is barely a game; it’s a catastrophe.
  • 2, “Horrid” – a terrible game with almost no redeeming qualities. The progress is mostly broken and trying to get through the game is a pain in the arse. It often hinders itself further with questionable controls or vague levels.
  • 3, “Bad” – an unquestionably bad game, partly broken or suffers from incredibly messy or bland level design and loosen mechanics. It has some redeeming qualities about it, and some elements might be more fun than others, but on a whole, it is the least worst category of bad games.
  • 4, “Below Average” – this title has potential, there are still some elements to be proud of, but overall it’s a letdown. It’s still mostly functional, but it’s not a very entertaining experience.
  • 5, “Mediocre” – these games are often the embodiment of generic. They are serviceable titles with working controls and some meat on them, but ultimately they just belong to a giant pool of uninspired gameplay and design.
  • 6, “Fair” – These games are fine. Far from amazing, struggling to keep a consistent level of enjoyment, and have their fair share of problems and issues, but for all their flaws are still more than just playable. They can be fun more often than not and have some tasty meat on their fragile skeleton.
  • 7, “Good” – a generally good game. It’s fairly entertaining, is competently made with some certain level of skill, and might even have some new and exciting ideas. They do have some glaring issues, perhaps unrefined controls or some inconsistent elements that bring it down somewhat.
  • 8, “Great” – very good games that will please most people. One or two mild problems or many small issues hold it a bit back, but they don’t stop these titles from being delightful experiences that will provide tons of fun to people who may pick them.
  • 9, “Fantastic” – some of the best games around, and most of any issues they have barely scratch the ridiculous amount of polish and thought poured into these titles. They are often among the strongest offerings of their genres and platforms, and can be enjoyed and appreciated by most.
  • 9.6, “Masterclass” – this site’s version of the fabled “10”, but as nothing is perfect, I avoid giving such scores and rely on 9.6, as a game that does an amazing work, but has that little edge that pushes itself even further. Those are exceptional games that push the ambitions of their genres beyond the current level, the best of the best.